About Me

My Journey

Born in Virginia. Raised in South Florida. Educated in Georgia. 

Actress. Public Speaker. Corporate Account Executive. 

Married in North Carolina. Moved to Virginia. 

Wife. Mother. Daughter to Aging Parents. Orphan.

When I moved back to Virginian, I thought II had come full circle.

 Becoming a widow in 2017 made me realize the circle wasn't closed at all. 

Now what?

I knew what my husband's advice would have been. I'd heard it many times before. "There's more to come. More to see. More to do. Move on!" 

I didn't always take my husband's advice. (What wife does?) But I am doing so now. 

I am packing up my past and carefully carrying every sweet memory and meaningful moment into the next chapter of my story.

For you see, I have always thought of life as a story...and I love stories! Hearing them. Reading them. Writing them. Living them. 

The story of a life is a rich and beautiful tapestry of words, images, places, people, and experiences - joyful and painful alike. 

We each have our own special story and we all experience, at least once in our life, an unexpected twist in that story.

I am at an unexpected place in my story, but I am getting ready to turn the page. Won't you join me on my journey as I write the next chapter?