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About Me

My Journey

Born in Virginia. Raised in South Florida. Educated in Georgia. Married in North Carolina. Moved to Virginia. 

I had come full circle...or so I thought. Becoming a widow in 2017 made me realize the circle wasn't closed at all. 

Now what?

I knew what my husband's advice would have been. I'd heard it many times before. "There's more to come. More to see. More to do. Move on!" 

I didn't always take my husband's advice. (What wife does?) But I am doing so now. 

I am packing up my past and carefully carrying every sweet memory and meaningful moment into the next chapter of my story.

For you see, I have always thought of life as a story...and I love stories! Hearing them. Reading them. Writing them. Living them. 

The story of a life is a rich and beautiful tapestry of words, images, places, people, and experiences - joyful and painful alike. 

We each have our own special story and we all experience, at least once in our life, an unexpected twist in that story.

I am at an unexpected place in my story, but I am getting ready to turn the page. Won't you join me on my journey as I write the next chapter?